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Concepts and definitions of this document

Website — set of electronic documents (files) of an individual or organization in a computer network, united under one address (a domain name or IP-address).

Customer — person (natural or legal) interested in performing executor of works, rendering of services or purchase them from the seller of a product (in the broad sense). Sometimes it is assumed ordering, but not necessarily.

Buyer — natural or legal person carrying out the payment of money and is a purchaser of goods or services.

Company «Softwizard» (Online store Softwizard) — legal entity (company details), Web site owner, located on the Internet at www.softwizard.ru.

The legislative framework

Relations between the Parties are governed by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Law «Consumer Protection» and other regulations and acts in force at the time of the transaction between the Internet-shop «Softwizard» and Customer.

«The consumer is not entitled to refuse the goods of good quality, having individually defined properties (eg, personal license) if the specified goods may be used only by a consumer purchasing».

Excerpt from the Law of the Russian Federation «Consumer Protection», Chapter II, St.26.1

If the buyer is in Russia and chose to order a product with the method of transfer of rights «Transfer of rights - excluding VAT» (license), then the preparation of documents for the supply of the order he must accept the license agreement, the offer and the act of reception and transmission rights.

Warranty administration Softwizard

Online shop «Softwizard» sells goods, as well as the use of property rights (licenses) for the entire territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. Quality software products provide software companies directly, warranty conditions dependent «license agreement (EULA)» and of course the Act. Company «Softwizard» guarantees its customers delivery deadlines, legal purity deals, low prices and high quality service.

Complaints and suggestions on the work «Softwizard» received via the feedback form, there you can express your gratitude or review. Company «Softwizard» with respect for each client, which means you get a quality service and maximum attention.

Protection of personal data privacy guaranteed «Softwizard». Visitors can view most of your website pages without telling about yourself no information. However, for certain services or ordering we may need your personal data. This information is not disclosed. Collection and use of data is strictly confidential. Referring to the website «Softwizard», User hereby consents to terms of data collection and use.

Delivery period

Customer orders completed after confirmation of payment. Options include preliminary training (generation) electronic keys or activation codes for e-mail, and if it is stipulated order, preparing to send relevant material carriers.

Delivery period shall be indicated in each product, if the terms are not specified in the card, then you should check with their managers. Typically, the grade is made within 0-24 hours after confirmation of payment. Status of any order can be viewed in a private office user.

WARNING! Terms of delivery and assembly can be appropriately increased in case of contact with them on weekends and holidays, as well as taking into account weekends and holidays in the country of the supplier (author) product.

Delivery times

Orders are delivered after picking, delivery time depends on the delivery method selected by the buyer.
  • Electronic versions of the product delivered by e-mail, sent to the buyer within 0 - 48 hours after the end configuration.
  • Material versions: in this case the delivery courier service or mail ordering defined and mainly depends on the buyer's address (delivery time can range from 1 to 60 days).

Orders may include a plurality of positions with different maturities picking and delivery. In this case, equipment and delivery is carried out independently of each position within the prescribed time frame for it.

Full turnaround time from the time of its registration on the site«Softwizard» until receipt by the buyer of all ordered products consists of the following components:
  • time spent by the buyer to pay for the order, and the processing time of the payment within the relevant payment system (the bank), culminating in the receipt of the online store of reliable information about the payment made;
  • time spent on the complete set of order;
  • time spent on order shipment;
  • time spent on electronic order delivery, courier or postal communication channels.

WARNING! Terms of delivery and assembly can be increased due to hit them on the weekends and holidays, as well as taking into account weekends and holidays in the country of the supplier (author) product.

For us it is important to reduce any delay in picking and shipping of products to buyers to a minimum. Today complete fulfillment of the order may be only 10-15 minutes from ordering to receive the product. Offer you some advice and steps, you can count on shorter delivery times:
  • choose such versions of products that require delivery by e-mail (electronic license (ESD) );
  • use to pay for bank cards and electronic payment systems (Money Yandex, Money@Mail, WebMoney, etc.);
  • with repeated purchases, try to use the same bank card.

Force majeure

«Softwizard» relieved from responsibility for partial or complete failure to fulfill obligations of this Regulation, if such failure is caused by force majeure (fire, flood, earthquake, war, acts and regulations specify public authorities which are binding for Web Store) arising after conclusion of the transaction, provided that these circumstances directly affect the performance of the Internet-shop of their obligations.

Financial documents

Everything needed for financial reporting documents are sent through the postal service of the Russian Federation Federal regular mail to the actual address specified when ordering. Documents are processed within 5 working days from the date of actual delivery of the order, or simultaneously with it. When sending a package of documents to the buyer separate notification is not sent. 

If for some reason you have not received the documents, please, email us via the feedback form or call our accounting department.

Note: contract is made on the provisional application of the legal entity or entrepreneur.

Responsibility Online Store

Online shop does not test products for compatibility with any specific devices, systems, etc., to its suitability for any specific work conditions, etc. Online shop is not responsible for any damages the customer, direct or indirect. The amount of compensation to the Customer by the online store under any circumstances, can not exceed the price paid goods.


All possible disputes by agreement the Parties agree, subject to the claim procedure. If you can not resolve the issue through negotiation, the dispute with the customer — Russian resident considered by the court of the city of Moscow in accordance with the Civil and / or arbitration legislation of the Russian Federation. If the Customer - resident of the Russian Federation, the dispute is heard in the International Commercial Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation, Moscow City in accordance with the Civil and / or arbitration legislation of the Russian Federation. When dealing with controversial issues, the Parties undertake to exchange notices or notices in writing (not electronically). Parties undertake to provide the answer to the approval notification or notification within forty-eight hours.

Other conditions

Online shop has the right to make any changes in the range of goods, description of goods, and other information about the goods specified in the electronic catalog online store, without notice. Administration «Softwizard» reserves the right, without giving any reasons to restrict access to their resources on the Internet for any user.

After placing an order and payment by the Customer, an online shop may not make any changes relating to the goods ordered and paid for.

These rules provide a comprehensive description of the procedure for concluding transactions between the online store and the customer. Not regulated by these Rules work shall be settled in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Online shop «Softwizard» not liable for any acts or omissions of third parties and does not cover any losses incurred by the Customer due to acts or omissions of third parties.

Online shop «Softwizard»and Customer agree to these Rules work, unless otherwise stated in writing.

Date of last update of the document: 06.05.2012г.
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