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Everything you wanted to know about licensing and more!
This section contains the most complete information on software licensing: licensing frameworks , licensing rules vendors , license agreement with the end user (EULA) , description of the main schemes and licensing models ( licensing of individuals , licensing of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), licensing of big business , licensing academics , state licensing agencies ).

software purchasing options and values ​​are the price list are described in a separate document, We strongly encourage you to read them first!

Section is regularly updated by representatives of software companies, so any change in the policy of licensing vendors and individual software products are always available from the original source.

Have a question? Please contact our professional consultants on licensing will answer all your questions.
Licensing vendors
software license agreement (EULA)
Essentials software licensing
field descriptions of program mix and price list
Licensing for small and medium business (SMB)
Licensing government agencies
Licensing big business
Licensing academic institutions
Licensing individuals

Articles, laws and other information on the topic of software licensing

Different level managers, lawyers, accountants and other responsible persons working in client companies, we have prepared a compilation of the Laws of the RF and feature articles on the topic of licensing. In the relevant sections you will find: "Consumer Protection Act" ",Church " 1235 CCRF EULA", "Calendar " 1236 CCRF Types of license agreements, " "Calendar " 146 of the CRIMINAL CODE Violation of copyright and neighbouring rights", "No. 152-FZ DATED Act of personal data", "rules of software delivery, VAT accounting", "legal aspects of licensing"",The benefits of the license for", "myths about counterfeit software", "Legalization counterfeit on" and much more.

All this material is an excellent addition to the section " " Licensing and support work.

Go to the "collection of the laws of the RF", ",". Ready answers to frequently asked questions about licensing are in client FAQ.
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