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IT outsourcing - a popular service

Special deal for End Users
Manufacturer: Softwizard
Status: acts
Date from: 23.01.2013
Date to: 23.01.2113

IT outsourcing companies to small and medium-sized businesses. Services exit the system administrator.
If you have a company has no staff of IT professionals, this proposal is what you need! According to the contract to provide technical support to your company receives a number of advantages.

Benefits of IT outsourcing

  • payment only really work performed;
  • tax savings, vacation and sick;
  • IT Support (technical support) entire fleet of PCs, including servers;
  • work is performed only by professional engineers;
  • financial guarantee on all work;
  • one supplier of licensed software, hardware and technical support;
  • discounts on software and additional services;
  • and more.

How much?

Cost of services consists of man-hours of technical support (the complexity and volume of the work). The exact value can be found in the technical support managers on request.

The company's customers who have previously purchased licensed software discounts up to 25%.

Details of the managers ... Contact now.
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