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Our company invites to cooperation of software companies. We are professionally engaged in the supply of licensed software and related it services worldwide, our clients include large commercial organizations and Government agencies.

E-commerce system

Representatives of the companies have access to personal cabinet, where they can change their company information, add or modify the description of the products, price lists, post news and special offers. We constantly develop our e-commerce system, working on its usability for end users and managers of the companies.

The products displayed in our directory, pomešaûtsâ in one or more categories, search tags to any visitor can easily find what they truly need, and convenient purchasing options filters allow you to choose the desired position of the price list without the assistance of a consultant. The system accepts a variety of payment options, including in foreign currency, all payments are made in the automatic mode.

A detailed description of the system and access is available on request.

Advantages of working with us

We don't just publish information on its website, although it has a significant impact on the increase in sales. If necessary, we will highlight a single product manager, will train and certify it and (or) core engineers, will do everything to ensure that sales of products and solutions of our partners were at a height of. Our advertising and PR Department is advancement in Internet software products of our partners in a variety of ways, we often conduct joint promotions.

If you have any questions or suggestion, please email us.

More info for partners is in the section "partner programs".
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