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Conditions of delivery

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Dear customers, delivery terms vary depending on the type of delivered goods. Delivered orders can be divided into two types: physical and electronic.
  1. Delivery is made to the address specified in the order.
  2. Upon delivery the buyer has the right to check the appearance of the product and the delivery is complete.
  3. Delivery to the apartment (office) applies to the order, which, according to its weight and volume, can be transported by one person.
  4. After filling all the supporting documents by the buyer, the service delivery is completed.
  5. To the quality of purchased goods arising after its receipt shall be considered in accordance with the Law.
Together with the order you will receive the necessary proof of purchase in our online store.

Types of delivery of licensed software

We are glad to inform you about the possibility to deliver their orders worldwide*!

Physical delivery

To include physical delivery of boxed software products, packages documentation, media packages. Printed license does not apply to the physical delivery, they will be sent by mail or courier service.


E-logistics — modern logistics view, ideal for sales of licensed software products over the Internet, it is economical and quick delivery takes just a few minutes. The client receives an e-mail to the specified e-mail address containing the activation keys necessary instructions for installation and configuration as well as a link to download the distribution.

Licenses for most software products are available through e-mail (Electronic License ESD). Bought license key will be sent in the most shortest time (from 5 minutes after confirmation of payment order).

Physical delivery we send through our partners —transport companies. Each order is accompanied by information on the delivery method and a unique tracking number (tracking number),in the case of sending a transport company. Client can always get comprehensive information about the whereabouts of the goods in his personal office or by contacting the manager of the company.

Delivery times

Time for packing and shipping of the order depends on many factors:
  • the manufacture of keys / licenses;
  • availability of goods in warehouses manufacturers and suppliers;
  • distance;
  • logistics.

Delivery particular software product specified in the description of the embodiment of acquisition, to see it you must go to full description, or go to the page program nomenclature.
Please pay attention to the fact that, if the client does not leave an application for partial shipments (shipment upon receipt), order will be shipped only after the complete set (some software products delivered over a long period)! Each partial shipment physical delivery paid by the customer separately according to the tariffs for the services of the transport company.
Many software products have a license key, installation kit, usually for free download from the manufacturer's website. To significantly save time, buy electronic license.
* — we sells licensed software According to the rules of licensing and territorial limitations of various manufacturers and distributors. Almost all program positions presented in our online store, do not have any restrictions on the territorial distribution, but there are exceptions, so if you are a nonresident Russian Federation, please, ask about the possibility of acquiring of a software product company managers.

Cost of delivery

On one of the steps of ordering the buyer asked to select a delivery option, depending on the mode of delivery and destination the system will automatically calculate postage, and its cost is also included in the final bill.

How to track the status and movement of the order?

Electronic systems allow track the status of your order and moving on a unique track number. User's personal account there is a tab "My orders", The system assigns each order status, which varies depending on the action performed on it.

For all matters related to the delivery of your order, please contact the responsible manager.

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