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Advertising on the Internet - Effectively

According to analysts, advertising on the Internet, more and more gaining momentum, and it is a fact that does not require confirmation. Printed publications contrary to gradually hand over their previous positions. Low effectiveness of advertising in newspapers and magazines related to the high cost of production is relatively small compared to the Internet audience. We supply high quality electronic products (software licenses), we refer to the official sites of the resource leading software manufacturers, the company «Softwizard» has a positive image as a reliable supplier of licensed software, the loyalty of customers who buy software from us, will be partially covered by your advertised goods and services. 

To sponsors

If you are interested in developing business software license delivery (distribution software) and you have the ability and desire to help our company, please contact our leadership. The sponsoring company offers a number of privileges (for example, providing the best advertising spots). In world practice, this type of assistance was widespread and fairly long, large companies helping smaller companies to partner, sponsor football championships and other sports. Thus, sponsors provide themselves branding and brand awareness. Sponsor may remain anonymous, the reasons for this may be many (competitive war, the partnership directly with two or more companies from the same sector and others).

Advertising agencies

Representatives of advertising agencies are granted special terms and prices. We work on a permanent basis only with well-known and time-tested agencies. Details of the managers ..

Placing banner blocks

Banners can be animated (Adobe Flash) and static (GIF, JPG, JPEG). In each case, the size banners (advertising blocks) agree individually (horizontal ad units may have a width of 100%), there is a unique constraint on the size of the width for the banners to be placed on the right and the left, they should have a width of 214px. Below is a description of the advertising space.

The upper horizontal banner
Screenshot number 1 top horizontal block

Pass-through unit is located in the upper part of the site, between the top personal user menu and logo / contact information. The most prominent place on the site. Suitable for "shouting" campaigns and special offers.

The left vertical banner
Screenshot number 2 left vertical block
Pass-through unit is located on the left menu under the categories of programs and information about exchange rates, good and important place for advertising, because users are actively using the navigation categories and pay attention to the exchange rate.

Advertising companies

Banners can be combined into a promotional company with its own settings. For example it is possible to change the ads in one place, each banner can be set weight by which the system will determine the amount of exposure relative to other banners placed in a specific ad unit. Settings allow advertising companies to notify the advertisers e-mail automatically after the number of impressions or clicks.

Setting restrictions

Any banner that is placed in the system can be configured to have it displayed on all pages or on a specific page or section. Other limitations include the show sex, age and linguistic identity.

For example, your products or services are focused on the international market, in the event that we can customize the display of your ads only to foreign visitors.

Another adjustment will display banners for members only, this option will be interesting software vendors. The logic is very simple, if the visitor is registered on our website, then it is likely interested in software products.

Example. Do you want to advertise your software on our site, settles a select number of shows on. Set up an advertising campaign the best way - show ads only to registered user on all pages (to save the advertising budget can select a page or even page section with the software).

A good solution would be to launch a temporary advertising companies, such as an event or promotion. Banner displays can be configured to show only a certain period of time, try it and you will be surprised with the results!

Right vertical banner
Screenshot number 3 right vertical block
Pass-through unit is located in the right column of the site, just below a shopping cart and contact information (feedback form, consultants). The unit is clearly visible on all pages, and often pay attention to it in the search and (or) the reading of information materials, scroll down the page, the user can not help notice the block.

Individual approach to each advertiser

Every customer has a professional manager of advertising and PR. His responsibilities include advising clients on how to advertise on our web site and its effectiveness. Regardless of the number of placed advertisements and budget, we will try to arrange your advertising well, for us, nothing is more important than dolgosronoe mutually beneficial cooperation with customers and partners. We understand that the increase in sales and the positive development of client companies as a whole largely determines our success.

Special offers for AD&PR managers

Most rallies for managers on advertising and marketing, usually under the terms of the shares of the company manager of the customer receives gifts ... Details under "Special Offers" and the managers of the advertising department.

The lower horizontal banner
Screenshot number 4 lower horizontal unit

Through-block into the bottom of the page between the main content and footer. Great place for branding.

Our management system advertisements allows you to place any text or graphic information is any place on the site.
If necessary, we will place other types of advertising: the stitching, buttons, links in the text, insert video clips.

Requirements for advertising material

Posted on our website advertising should help our customers in every possible way, not detract, not related to our business, third-party information. Our site is a thematic resource, so we limited the subjects of the advertised goods and services in the following list ...

Place ads:
  • the sale of computer equipment (server and telecom equipment, client workstations, peripherals);
  • of web studios (design and website development, design services, promotion and SEO); 
  • services system integrators (implementation of software products, IT services companies, updating software solutions);
  • accounting services companies (accounting organization, recovery accounting, accounting, accounting consulting, reporting); 
  • consulting and legal services companies (tax consulting, legal consulting, transaction support and all possible projects);
  • banking products and services (loans, servicing private and corporate).

All advertising materials undergo compulsory moderation against the current rules of placement and the Laws. In the event of any violation of the promotional materials, advertising block is rejected, and the advertiser will be sent notice of the reasons for the rejection.

Technical features of the Flash-banners

To handle the transition and the correct usage statistics clicks flash-banners must use a special clickTag, which the system will jump address (URL).

Example of inserting HTML-code the finished banner:
<object id="p_lt_zrc_bp3_BannerPlace" classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase="http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=5,0,0,0" width="214" height="350">
<param name="Src" value="/CMSPages/GetFile.aspx?nodeguid=8ff165cd-905c-4a8a-b4af-9ed2454adb00&clicktag=%2fCMSPages%2fAdRedirect.ashx%3fbanner%3d77a03212-619d-4291-8a23-a588c818205e"/>
<param name="Play" value="-1"/>
<param name="Loop" value="-1"/>
<param name="Quality" value="High"/>
<param name="wmode" value="transparent"/>
<embed src="/CMSPages/GetFile.aspx?nodeguid=8ff165cd-905c-4a8a-b4af-9ed2454adb00&clicktag=%2fCMSPages%2fAdRedirect.ashx%3fbanner%3d77a03212-619d-4291-8a23-a588c818205e" quality="high" wmode="transparent" width="214" height="350" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="http://get.adobe.com/flash"/>

An example of an on (release):

on (release)
           var ClickTAGURL = findClickTagURL();
           getURL(ClickTAGURL, "_blank");
var defaultURL:String = "http://your-company-domain.ru";
function findClickTagURL():String
    for (param in this)
        var tagToLowerCase:String = param.toLowerCase();
        if (tagToLowerCase == "clicktag")
            var unescaped_URL = unescape(this[param]);
            return unescaped_URL;                    
    return defaultURL;

If necessary, our professional designer will develop a banner on your requirements (static or animated).

Mechanisms for tracking the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

For ease of collection and analysis of data on the site «Softwizard» various technologies and equipment. Integrated tools allow you to track the number of impressions and clicks, it is possible to produce a record previously set by URL parameters (?param1=1&param2=2).

Google Analytics

Convenient web analytics tool from the search engine giant Google. Ideal for working with Google Adwords.

Yandex Metrics

Service from the company Yandex, which allows to analyze users' interaction with the site (heat map of clicks, Vebvizor ). Often use this tool in conjunction with Yandex Direct.

Live Internet

A separate counter attendance with lots of data.

Each advertiser provides detailed reports (slices reports) to help assess the effectiveness of the advertising company.

How to advertise on the site?

Form a promotional offer (graphical ad unit) and please contact our advertising and PR to calculate the cost of the advertising company.If an offer agreed contract managers make and send the invoice. Accordingly, after the signing of the contract and payment, your ad will be posted on the site.

Thank you for your interest in the company «Softwizard». Prosperity of your business! 

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